The #1 Frequently-Asked Question (FAQ) from Students Who Respond to our TIPTOP Posting


I wish to apply for the advertised PhD Studentship and to do a PhD in your laboratory.  My CV and some other files are attached.  When will I know if I am accepted, and do I need to send anything else?


We are happy to know that you are interested in our program.  The first thing we must tell you is that it is impossible to apply for the advertised PhD Studentship by sending attachments to the email address of the Physics Graduate Program.  You will fully understand why this is so after you have gone all the way through the correct application procedure.

The main steps you need to follow are:

  • Familiarize yourself with the requirements for a complete application.  Even if all of your needed documents and materials are not yet ready or available, you may still begin the application process immediately if you wish (see below for instructions on how to begin).
  • If you have further questions at this point, the best way to find answers is to check items 1, 2 and 3 below, in that order:
  1. Paths of charged particles from a nuclear collision in a Time Projection ChamberVisit our information page for graduate program applications.
  2. Our main FAQ page for applicants has answers to a large number of questions organized by category.
  3. If you cannot find an answer on either of the pages above, you are welcome to send an email inquiry to our Graduate Coordinator at  Please note that email correspondence is routinely included as part of each applicant's file, and is reviewed by our Admissions Committee.  You will give yourself an advantage over other applicants with similar scores and background if your email correspondence demonstrates that you read and understand written instructions in English, and that you have a talent for working independently and figuring things out.  This advice holds true whether you are applying to Kent State University or to most other universities.
  • When you are ready to begin the online application process, please re-read this section of our information page and click the link at the top, which will take you to our university-wide online application website.

Please also read our answer to the second Most Frequently-Asked Question.