Physics Majors/Minors

If you are curious about the basic nature of the physical universe, you should consider becoming a Physics Major.

Concerned with matter and energy, physics is a science based on precise measurements and broad generalizations. Freely translated, this means that physics is the study of what makes the universe tick - a study encompassing the largest and smallest scales of the universe; a study that attempts to explain all observed phenomena in terms of the least number of rules. The discoveries and laws that have resulted from experimental and theoretical research in physics are basic to many of the other sciences - and to our way of life in the age of high technology.

The physics major and minor programs offered at Kent State University include:

We have compiled a summary of useful information about the undergraduate physics programs at Kent State University in our Undergraduate Booklet.

Physics Faculty Advisor

If you are pursuing a major or minor in Physics, you can request a physics faculty advisor by contacting the undergraduate coordinator.

Physics Faculty Advisors have extensive knowledge about the program, courses you need to take, careers, research opportunities on and off campus, scholarships, and graduate school applications. Ideally you should regularly meet with your advisor and develop a detailed and optimized schedule that will help you complete your degree program in a timely manner. Physics faculty advisors can also lift advising pins, if needed, before you register for classes. 

Career Preparation

The programs for physics degrees and majors are built around undergraduate courses that assure solid preparation in the fundamentals of mathematics and physics, but which allow some elective selections. These programs prepare students for a wide choice of careers in physics. Physicists are employed by major industries to apply the recent advances and technology developed by basic research in physics. Few careers offer as much stimulation and challenge as a career in physics!

Faculty & Research

The physics faculty at Kent State University are internationally known for their productivity and creativity in research, particularly in liquid crystal physicssuperconductivity, and nuclear physics. The faculty includes several award-winning instructors. Our Center for Nuclear Research and Liquid Crystal Institute provide special opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. The total physics program at Kent State University is small enough to assure individualized student attention, yet large enough to offer the full spectrum of courses and opportunities that characterize a graduate research institution. Several opportunities exist to provide majors with direct involvement in forefront research programs.

For additional information on physics degrees, physics majors and minors, and physics programs at KSU, please contact: Undergraduate Coordinator, Department of Physics, Kent State University, Kent, OH 44242-0001.