The #2 Frequently-Asked Question (FAQ) from Students Who Respond to our TIPTOP Posting


I have finished my master's degree and I would like to begin PhD research in my area of physics interest and experience.  How to I request to be admitted into the group of one of the professors at Kent State University who is working in this particular area?  Do I need to contact one of these professors immediately?


The PhD physics programs in some countries are structured in such a way that prospective or entering students do indeed need to ask these questions. However, physics departments at US universities normally do not admit new students into a specific research group. In the US, new students (both master's and PhD) do mostly course work in their first year.

At Kent State University, our PhD students normally choose an official PhD adviser early in their second year. By this time, students already have enough information and familiarity to make their choice. However, there are possibilities to do some research as an extra activity during the first year if a student wishes to do that. Most students join our program in the month of August, and start exploratory research during the summer at the end of their first year.

When the time comes for a student to select a PhD research adviser, a specific professor might, or might not, be in a position to take on a new PhD advisee in his/her group. However, at any point in time, a student seeking a PhD research adviser can expect to have a good variety options, covering all the main areas of research in our department.

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