Physics Colloquium Fall 2015

All colloquia take place at 1:30 pm in Smith Hall 111, unless otherwise noted.


FALL 2015

September 24 Thursday 1:30 pm

Microscopic studies on layered conjugated polymer nanowhiskers
Prof. Song Guo
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
The University of Southern Mississippi

Contact Person: Bjorn Lussem

October 15 Thursday 1:30 pm

PRL today
Dr. Samindranath (Sami) Mitra
Physical Review Letters

Contact Person: Prof. Maxim Dzero

October 21 Wednesday 1:00 pm

Determination of the charge radii of several light nuclei from precision, high-energy electron elastic-scattering
Al Amin Kabir
Kent State University
Department of Physics

Contact Person: Bryon Anderson

October 29 Thursday 1:30 pm

Phases and Fluctuations in Biological Membranes
Prof. S. Veatch
University of Michigan
Department of Physics

Contact Person: Elizabeth Mann

November 5 Thursday 1:30 pm

Neutron star interiors: matter under extreme conditions
Prof. Gordon Baym
Department of Physics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Contact Person: Prof. Mike Strickland

November 10 Tuesday 3:15 pm

Quark-gluon Plasma: The Hottest (and the Tiniest) Most Perfect Fluid Ever Made
Prof. Jorge Noronha

Universidade de Sao Paulo

Contact Person: Mike Strickland

November 12 Thursday 1:30 pm

Is there any Exciton (bottleneck) in an Excitonic Solar Cells: Revisiting the Prospects of Single-Semiconductor OPV
Prof. Ashraf Alam
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Purdue University

Contact Person: Bjorn Lussem

November 19 Thursday 1:30 pm

If you can't stand the hot (stones), get out of the kitchen!
Prof. Bill Llope
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Physics and Astronomy
Wayne State University

Contact Person: Prof. Declan Keane

November 24 Tuesday 3:15 pm

Irradiated topological matter: quantum design leads to solar energy harvesting
Dr. Benjamin M. Fregoso
Department of Physics

UC Berkeley

Contact Person: Prof. Maxim Dzero

November 25 Wednesday 2:30 pm

Statistical Physics of modulated phases in nematic liquid crystals
Mr. Shaikh Shamid
Department of Physics

Kent State University

Contact Person: Prof. Dave Allender

December 3 Thursday 1:30 pm

What we can learn about lipid membranes by stressing them out
Prof. Markus Deserno
Department of Physics
Carnegie Mellon University

Contact Person: Prof. Khandker Quader

December 10 Thursday 1:30 pm

Nanobiophysics: Using Nanostructures to Explore Molecular or Cellular Biophysics, and have Fun!
Prof. Chia-fu Chou
Institute of Physics
Academia Sinica

Contact Person: Prof. Qi-Huo Wei