Physics Colloquium Fall 2018

All colloquia take place Thursdays at 1:30 pm in Smith Hall 111, unless otherwise noted. (Schedule for Spring 2019) 

 Aug 30  
No Colloquium: start of semester
 Sep 6
Distinguished University Professor and Perkins Professor of Physics
Case Western Reserve University
Title: The Science of Climate Change and the Changing Climate of Science  (Abstract)
Host: Khandker Quader
Sep 13
Sep 20
Department of Physics
Kent State University
Title: Doped Organic  Transistors for Bio-electronic Applications  (Abstract)
Host: Khandker Quader
Sep 27
Professor of Physics/Director, Condensed Matter Science - Theory (NHFML)
Florida State University/NHFML
Title: Quantum Critical Behavior at the Mott Point: the Status Quo  (Abstract)
Host: Khandker Quader
Oct 4  
Department of Physics
Kent State University
Title: Failed Theories of Superconductivity
Host: Khandker Quader
Oct 8 (Mon)
Special Colloquium -- 4:05 pm
Soumya Mohapatra (Abstract)
Columbia University
Title: Collective dynamics of the quark-gluon plasma produced in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
Host: Declan Keane  
Oct 11 No Colloquium: Fall Break
Oct 15 (Mon)
Special Colloquium -- 4:05 pm
Philippe Paul Martel (Abstract)
Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz and Mount Allison University
Title: Understanding the Proton
Host: Declan Keane
Oct 18   
Professor, Department of Natural Sciences/Physics
Baruch College, City University of New York
Title: Classical Gluon Fields in QCD at High Energies (Abstract)
Host: Mike Strickland
Oct 22 (Mon)
Special Colloquium -- 4:05 pm
Dustin Keller (Abstract)
University of Virginia
Title: A Peak into the World of Spin Physics
Host: Declan Keane
Oct 25
Special Colloquium : Usual time --1:30 pm
Prithwish Tribedy (Abstract)
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Title: Exploring Novel Phenomena at the Early Stages of Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
Nov 1
Department of Physics
University of Florida, Gainesville
Title: Squeezing New Physics out of Old Materials with Applied  Pressure (Abstract}
Host: Khandker Quader
Nov 8
Professor and Chair, Department of Geography
Kent State University 
Title: Using Self-Organizing Maps to Understand the Influence of the Atmosphere on Water level and Quality (Abstract)
Host: Khandker Quader
Nov 15
Distinguished University Professor, Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Case Western Reserve University
Title: An Uncooperative Universe (Abstract)
Host: Mike Strickland
CANCELED (speaker will re-schedule)
Nov 29
Professor, Institute for Medicine and Engineering & Department of Physiology
University of Pennsylvania
Title: Non-linear Elasticity and Relaxation in Fibrous Networks and Soft Tissues (Abstract)
Host: Oleg Lavrentovich
Dec 6
Department of Physics
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Title: Terahertz Spectroscopy in 2D materials (Abstract)
Host: Benjamin Fregoso
Dec 13
No Colloquium: Finals week