Physics Colloquium Fall 2022

All colloquia take place Thursdays at 1:30 pm, unless otherwise noted.

In-person colloquia are in Smith Hall Room 111.

Sep 1

Taekjip Ha, Johns Hopkins University
Revisiting and Repurposing the Double Helix
Host: Thorsten Schmidt

Sep 8
Banani Chakraborty, Indian Institute of Science
Functional DNA-origami: in the crossroad of top down & bottom up nanotechnology
Host: Thorsten Schmidt
In person
Sep 15

Adam Iaizzi, Department of Energy
Arianna Wright Rosenbluth: the woman behind the Metropolis Monte Carlo algorithm
Host: Jonathan Selinger

Sep 22

Sep 29  
Oct 6
Michael Widom, Carnegie Mellon University
Information-theoretic approaches to calculating thermodynamic entropy
Host: Jonathan Selinger
In person
Oct 13 Fall break
Oct 20

Eran Sharon, Hebrew University
The multi-scale nature of leaf growth - fluctuations, timescales and adaptation
Host: Jonathan Selinger 

Oct 27 Jutta Luettmer-Strathmann, University of Akron
Learning from Biology to Design an Efficient Molecular Walker for Simulations in 3-d
Host: Jonathan Selinger
In person
Nov 3
Nov 10
Vincenzo CiriglianoUniversity of Washington
Searching for new physics at the precision frontier
Host: Michael Strickland
Nov 17

Petra Schwille, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry
Life as a matter of function
Host: Thorsten Schmidt

Special time of 11:00 am

Nov 24
Dec 1 Kenneth Singer, Case Western Reserve University and Folio Photonics
Nanolayer Polymer Photonics: From "Origami" Lasers to Cavity Polaritons to Optical Data Storage
Host: Jonathan Selinger
In person
Dec 8 Laurie McNeil, University of North Carolina
To be announced
Host: Robin Selinger
In person