Physics Colloquium Spring 2020

All colloquia take place Thursdays at 1:30 pm in Smith Hall 111, unless otherwise noted. (Schedule for Fall 2019) 

 Jan 16  
Dr. Eva Andrei
Rutgers University
Title: The magic of twisted two-dimensional crystals
Host: Benjamin Fregoso
 Jan 23
Ohio State University
Title: The Little Bang Standard Model
Host: Michael Strickland
Jan 30 Dr. Jacob Scott
Cleveland Clinic, Lerner Research Institute
Title: Controlling disease evolution: models and experiments on fitness landscapes to understand timescales, trajectories and outcomes
Host: Maxim Dzero
Feb 6
Dr. Martin Savage
University of Washington
Title: Quantum Information Science and Nuclear Physics
Host: Michael Strickland
Feb 13
Dr. Ertugrul Ozbudak
University of Cincinnati
Title: Correlated expression of segmentation clock genes drives robust pattern formation during embryonic development
Host: Hamza Balci
Feb 20
Dr. Paul Canfield
Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory
Title: Cooking, Fishing and Jogging through Phase Space: A Practical Guide to Discovering and Understanding New Materials
Host: Khandker Quader
Feb 27
Dr. Barbara Castanheira Endl
Baylor University
Title: White Dwarf Stars in the HET Dark Energy Experiment
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
Mar 5 Dr. Rebecca Schulmann
Johns Hopkins University
Title: Designing nanofluidic circuits and devices with DNA
Host: Thorsten Schmidt
Mar 12 Dr. Michael Strickland (CANCELED)
Kent State University
Title: Bottomonium suppression in the quark-gluon plasma
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
Mar 19 Dr. Shulei Zhang (CANCELED)
Case Western Reserve University
Title: From Giant Magnetoresistance to Nonlinear Transport in Quantum Materials – An Exciting Journey with Spin
Host: Maxim Dzero
Mar 26 No Colloquium: spring break
Apr 2 Dr. Charlotte Elster (CANCELED)
Ohio University
Title: Nuclear Reactions: a Few-Body Perspective
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
Apr 9 Dr. Nia Imara (CANCELED)
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Title: Before the Stars
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
Apr 16
Brandeis University
Title: Weighing Giants in the Sky - a Cosmic Controversy
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
Dr. Michael Strickland
Kent State University
Title: Bottomonium suppression in the quark-gluon plasma
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
Apr 23
Dr. Alice Harding (CANCELED)
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Title: TBA
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
Dr. Hector Da Silva
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Title: Neutron stars as fundamental physics laboratories
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
Apr 30
No Colloquium: finals week