Physics Colloquium Spring 2021

All colloquia will take place Thursdays at 1:30 pm on Zoom, unless otherwise noted.  (Schedule for Fall 2018)

Date Description
January 21
Prof. Peter Wolynes
Rice University (USA)
Title: Energy Landscape Theory: From Folding Proteins to Folding Chromosomes 
Host: Maxim Dzero
January 28
Dr. Cedomir Petrovic
Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA)
Title: Exploratory Synthesis and Physics Discovery: the case of FeSb2
Host: Maxim Dzero
February 4
Prof. Emilia Morosan
Rice University (USA)
Title: Exotic quantum magnets and competing states - new Yb Kondo systems
Host: Maxim Dzero
February 11
Prof. Despina Luca
University of Virginia
Title: Emergent Properties in Perovskites
Host: Maxim Dzero
February 18
Prof. Horst Stoecker
Frankfurt University (Germany)
Title: MAGIC (Matter - Astro - Gravitational waves - Ion Collisions)
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
February 25
Dr. Maria Elidaiana da Silva Pereira
Brandeis University
Title: Weighing and Counting Giants in the Sky
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
March 4      
Dr. Rodrigo Picanco Negreiros                                                                                         
IF-UFF (Brazil) 
Title: TBA
Host: Veronica Dexheimer
April 29      
Dr. Chirlmin Joo                                                                                        
Delft University of Technology (Holland) 
Title: TBA
Host: Hamza Balci