All colloquia take place Thursdays at 1:30 pm, unless otherwise noted.


Jan. 19

No Colloquium- First week of semester

Jan. 26

Serdal Kirmizialtin,  New York University at Abu Dhabi

Title:  "Computer Simulations of DNA-DNA Interactions" 

Host       :      Hamza Balci


Feb. 2 


Feb. 9

Charles Rosenblatt, Case Western Reserve University,

Title:  "Topography and Topology  in Nanopatterned Liquid Crystals” 

Host      :    Jonathan Selinger

In person

Feb. 16  

Zein-Eddine Meziani, Argonne National Laboratory

Title:  " The Proton Gluonic Gravitational Form Factors and its Mass Radius"

Host      :     Mina Katramatou


Feb. 23

Sandro Keller,  University of Graz

Title: "New Native Nanodiscs for Membrane-Protein Biophysics"

Host      :      Thorsten-Lars  Schmidt


Mar. 2

Nathan Hudson,   East Carolina University

Title:  "Structural and Biomechanical Features of Blood Clots"

Host       :     Makis Petratos

In person

Mar. 9

APS March Meeting 

Mar. 16


Mar. 23

Daniel Brandenburg, Ohio State

Title:  "From QED to QCD: Discoveries and Applications with High Energy"

Host       :     Declan Keane

In person

Mar. 30

Spring Break

Apr. 6

Reza Zadegan,  Department of Nanoengineering, North Carolina A&T State University

Title: "On the Unconventional DNA Based Technologies: Where Engineering Meets Biology"

Host.      :      Thorsten-Lars Schmidt

In person

Apr. 13

 Karl van Bibber, University of California, Berkeley

Title:  "A Physicist Walks on the Dark Side"

Host       :    Makis Patratos

In person

Apr. 20

Andrea Liu, University of Pennsylvania

Title :  "Learning about Biological Function"

Host        :   Jonathan Selinger

In person

Apr. 27

Herbert Fertig, Indiana University

Title:  "Quantum Geometry for Collective Excitations"

Host       :   Jonathan Selinger

In person

May 4 

Finals week