Wilbert Hubin

Wilbert N. Hubin

Emeritus Professor
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Professor Hubin has concentrated on the development of courses and textbooks in scientific programming, computer hardware/microprocessor-based design, PC-based data acquisition/control, and pilot-oriented aerodynamics.

The Department of Physics offers a number of undergraduate and combined-level courses in the electronics of computer hardware. These courses provide an alternative track for physics majors and additional opportunities for computer science majors who are preparing for technical positions in industry. The microprocessor-based design courses are hands-on laboratory courses that emphasize the many hardware-software tradeoffs involved in the design and development of "smart" products (those utilizing embedded processors or microcontrollers) - a rapidly growing and evolving technology.

Kent State University is one of a relatively small group of universities that offers a flight major which endeavors to prepare a student for a position as a commercial pilot/instructor. For over thirty years, the Department of Physics has supported this program (as well as providing an applied physics course for its own majors) with a junior-level Aerodynamics course that illustrates the application of college physics principles to aircraft, covers the basic aerodynamics of airfoils and wings and of high and low speed flight, and quantitatively analyzes aircraft performance.


Ph.D.; University of Illinois, 1969


Computer Education