NIH FAQs and Kent State IRB Policies (Section 9)

1.1 The Office of Human Research Protection’s (OHRP) website offers a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions-The topics include informed consent, the common rule, research with children, and investigator responsibilities.

1.2 KSU Policies

Policy on Compensating Research Subjects

Policy on Principal Investigator

Policy on Research Involving PHI

Policy on Students as Research Subjects

Policy on Continuing Review

Policy on Adverse Events

Policy on Non-compliant Events

Human Subjects Protection Program

1.3 IRB review of publicly available datasets:

  • The IRB requires the review of publicly available data sets to ensure there is no intent to re-identify de-identified information, to help meet the terms of an agreement, including agreements related to restricted datasets, to support a grant proposal, and to ensure the request meets the criteria for exempt/level I review and any other supplemental regulations that may exist such as those related to FERPA and HIPAA.
  • Datasets that must go through expedited review: research involving materials (data, documents, records, or specimens) that have been collected, or will be collected solely for nonresearch purposes (OHRP website).