Approval Timelines and IRB Process

Submit new level II/III applications via email to one discipline specific IRB reviewer for an initial review. Level I applications may be submitted to the Office of Research Compliance (ORC). If you need assistance finding a reviewer, please contact us at

Applications requiring full board review must be received by the ORC from a discipline specific reviewer no later than 10 working days before an IRB meeting. We cannot guarantee review by a particular committee, regardless of the submission date.

  • Review the  Video Overview of the IRB process and review the submission instructions that are included one the first page of each application.  
  • IRB approval typically takes between two (2) and six (6) weeks.
  • The overall number of submissions received by the Office of Reserach Compliance will affect review timelines - refer to the graphic below. 
  • Protocols that are highly complex, or are submitted with missing information and/or unanswered questions take longer to process.
  • Plan for additional review time if your project involves: data collection outside of the United States or multiple compliance processs (exmaples include FERPA, HIPAA, Data Security, or Biosafety Review).


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