IRB Help

IRB Help, Processes, and Approval Timelines

The following resources contain information on KSU Policies, Common Mistakes and Questions, the IRB Process and more. We encourage you to review these resources to learn more about human subjects protections, processes, and approval timelines. If you need help don't ever hesitate to contact us at

Kent State University FAQs and Policies:

  • IRB Member Checklists offer an insight into what IRB reviewers may be looking for when reviewing an application.
  • Common mistakes and questions 
  • This SAMPLE IRB application (Expedited/Level II Example) is provided for educational purposes and to help guide investigators when developing their own application. We cannot guarantee the use of the language in these samples will be accepted by the Board because each project is unique and different ethical or regulatory elements may apply. The form comments on the right hand column include useful information that you can consider when creating your own application.   

  • Approval timelines
  • Submission Process