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The purpose of Student Legal Services, Inc. (SLS) is to assist students in identifying and resolving legal problems so that they may make the most of their educational opportunities while attending KSU.  If a legal trouble threatens to interfere with the success of a student, then SLS will strive to resolve or minimize that problem within the limitations explained in this document.

Prompt, efficient, and high quality legal assistance is the hallmark of SLS.  Proper attention to any legal matter, even if not perceived as serious, will often prevent more complex legal entanglements.  Further, students will benefit from the experience by learning more about their legal rights and responsibilities.

Attorneys are available to render legal and referral services to individual KSU students who have chosen to participate in the legal service plan.  If the type or complexity of a problem or the desire for services exceeds the scope or capabilities of the program, additional services may be arranged, at the student’s expense, through attorneys or other resources in the community. 

SLS also strives to be proactive by offering law-related educational seminars, workshops, classroom presentations and publications directed to the student body.  All students are encouraged to attend and participate in these workshops as a means of resolving potential legal concerns as well as to consult members of SLS staff about specific legal problems. 

Who Can Use SLS

All degree seeking students in good standing attending Kent State University’s main campus are given the opportunity to enroll in the legal service plan each academic semester.  Those students electing to pay the participation fee may use SLS for individual counseling and representations during that semester, subject to the limitations expressed herein.  A student’s waiver of participation during one academic semester does not prohibit the student from electing to participate in any subsequent academic semesters as long as that student is otherwise eligible.

Legal services will only be available during the academic semester in which the participation fee has been paid.  For example, a student paying the participation fee for the Spring semester will not be eligible for services during the Summer semester.  If a student loses his/her eligibility for any reason while being represented in a pending court proceeding then legal services will be withdrawn at the earliest opportunity that would not unduly prejudice the legal rights of the student.

Legal services are not available to faculty, staff, administrators, parents, spouses, dependents, friends or partners of eligible students who are not otherwise eligible.  Furthermore, no campus organization, student business, student club, fraternity, sorority or other such entity shall be advised or represented by the legal service plan.

It is the policy of Kent State University and Student Legal Services, Inc. that all eligible persons have equal opportunity and access to facilities without regard to race, creed, color, gender, national origin, handicap, handicapped veteran, veteran of the Vietnam era or sexual orientation, religion, disability, subject to program guidelines and geographic limitations.  If unsure of eligibility, students should contact the SLS office immediately.

Cost to Students

Kent State University will bill each student ten dollars ($10.00) per academic semester to participate in the prepaid legal service plan. The ten dollar fee covers all of the student's attorney's fees. All fines, court costs, filing fees and other charges imposed by the court will be the client’s financial responsibility.

You may opt out of the program and waive the fee before the 80% refund period of each academic semester. However, you may not opt back in after the 80% period until the next semester. Remember, most attorneys in Ohio typically charge their clients between $100 & $200 an hour and will not even speak to you until you have paid a consultation fee. This is the cheapest insurance with the greatest benefits you will ever purchase. Typically only very wealthy people can afford to hire an attorney on retainer. You have that opportunity for the cost of a few cups of coffee. We are totally non-profit. We are here to help the students at Kent State University. You may opt out of the Student Legal Services program by (1) logging on to FlashLine; (2) Click on Student / Finances (3) Click on “Legal Services Information and Fee Waiver”; (5) Scroll down, enter term; (6) Click on “Submit Request”; (7) You should receive a screen that says the request was successful

How to Use SLS

The office of Student Legal Services, Inc. is located in Acorn Alley in downtown Kent, just a few blocks from the west end of the Kent Campus.  The address is Student Legal Services, 164 E. Main Street, Suite #203, Kent, Ohio 44240. 

To use SLS, students must make an appointment to meet with one of the attorneys.  Within reason, an appointment will be scheduled at the student’s convenience, as soon as an attorney is available.  Legal advice is not available over the telephone.  Students should not delay in scheduling an appointment if they have a potential problem.

Appointments may be made during regular office hours, 9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, when classes are in session.  SLS is closed Saturdays, Sundays, all University holidays, and when classes are not in session.

SLS has a “No Show” policy in order to insure access to an attorney for all students.  If a student schedules an appointment and fails to appear or cancel in advance of the meeting two or more times in any single semester, that student will then forfeit SLS eligibility for the remainder of that semester.