Scope of Services

SLS employs attorneys, properly licensed for practice in Ohio, to assist students in the following ways.

Legal services will be provided through one-on-one counseling with individual students.   Counseling sessions shall provide students with answers to their legal questions, advice on ways to proceed and referrals to available resources to assist in resolving the problems.  Students may seek advice on a variety of legal topics even if full representation is unavailable in that area. The advice may be limited depending on the area of law and the attorney's knowledge regarding the particular subject matter.

Unless otherwise limited (see Limitations and Exclusions), representation is available to students in the Portage County Municipal Courts (Kent and Ravenna), the Portage County Court of Common Pleas, the Eleventh District Court of Appeals, and the Ohio Supreme Court.  Students shall be responsible for the payment of all costs incurred for adequate representation (i.e. court filing fees, transcript fees, deposition costs). 

Matters in which representation is typically available include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Actions between landlords and tenants;
    1. defense of eviction actions
    2. security deposit disputes
    3. obtaining necessary repairs
    4. drafting/reviewing lease and/or sub-lease agreements
  2. Actions involving the defense of a student charged with a misdemeanor crime;
    1. underage alcohol possession/consumption
    2. driving under the influence (DUI / OVI)
    3. presenting false identification
    4. petty theft
    5. traffic offenses
    6. drug offenses
    7. disturbing the peace
  3. Actions involving consumer transactions;
    1. breach of warranties
    2. breach of contract
    3. consumer sales practices violations
    4. negotiation with debt collectors
  4. Actions involving the resolution of domestic matters;
    1. uncontested dissolution (with no children)
    2. name changes
  5. Miscellaneous matters;
    1. expungement of a criminal record
    2. investigation and factual research
    3. conferences, mediation, and/or negotiations
    4. document drafting or review, simple wills, living wills, medical power of attorneys
    5. Actions involving conversion of property;
    6. victims of crime reparations
    7. recovery of unlawfully held property
    8. Notary services.

Students will receive education regarding their legal rights and responsibilities through a combination of seminars, workshops, and/or lectures presented by SLS attorneys or sponsored by the SLS office. Additionally, a variety of publications are available to assist students in understanding the law.  By so informing students, SLS desires to prevent serious legal complications from arising in the future.  All KSU students are invited and encouraged to participate in these programs.  Students possessing information about the legal consequences of their actions are in the best position to make responsible decisions.

Further, individual students or groups may approach SLS as a resource for locating sources of legal information or assisting in class projects dealing with the law and the judicial process.  Requests for law-related or legal education programs and suggestions for program topics are welcomed and can be communicated by correspondence, in person, or by telephone.