Limitations & Exclusions

If a particular legal problem should fall outside this Schedule of Benefits, a student will be referred for legal assistance to private attorneys or other appropriate resources. 


In compliance with Ohio law governing operation of a prepaid legal service plan, representation will not be provided for the following:

  1. Actions between students and Kent State University, including code of conduct violations
  2. Student vs. Student matters
  3. Actions against a member of the Board of Regents, Board of Trustees, faculty or staff of Kent State University arising out of the performance of the duties of the office of the member or in the course of the member’s employment by Kent State University, and/or if a conflict is otherwise apparent.
  4. Actions against a state officer or agency arising out of the performance of the officer or agency
  5. Actions against a law enforcement officer arising out of the performance of the officer (This does NOT mean SLS will not represent you if you are charged with a crime)
  6. Actions in which a conflict of interest arises
  7. Any other actions specifically prohibited by Ohio Revised Code § 3345.022, as may be amended from time to time


Additionally, due to consideration of the costs in terms of time, energy, money, expertise required and value to the student body as a whole, representation will not be provided for matters such as the following:

  1. Actions involving intellectual property such as copyright and patent issues
  2. Actions involving divorce, custody, parental rights
  3. Actions involving a student's business or business ventures
  4. Actions involving a student that is charged with a felony
  5. Actions involving immigration and/or naturalization
  6. Actions involving representation in the Federal court system, including bankruptcy
  7. Actions involving the provision of services normally performed by non-lawyers (i.e. financial planning, tax returns)
  8. Actions involving excessive time or expertise if, in the judgment of the attorney, assistance or representation for such a case would unduly monopolize program resources to the disadvantage of other students.  Typically, civil cases involving more than $20,000 in damages would fall into this category