Letters to Your Landlord

1. Notice of remedy condition letter

The law requires your landlord to maintain your home in a safe, decent, sanitary, and livable way. At the first sign of a problem in your home, call the landlord and send this letter. To create legal options, tenants must notify their landlords about problems IN WRITING! 
Conditions (doc)

2. Violation of privacy letter

This letter can be used if your landlord has made an illegal entry into your home. The law generally requires the landlord to give you 24 hours notice of coming into your home! 
Entry Violation (doc)

3. Security deposit letter

Give your landlord, IN WRITING, your forwarding address when you move out. Once you have left, the landlord has 30 days to return your security deposit. If you don't get all of it back, the landlord must send an itemized statement regarding the deductions. If you paid more then one month's rent for your security deposit, you should receive interest on the amount that is greater than your security deposit. Use the second version if your lease requires written notice to cancel. 
Security Deposit 1 (doc)
Security Deposit 2 (doc)

4. Notice of neighbor's interference

Letter to landlord notifying him or her that the neighbors are hindering your stay at your place. 
Neighbor Interference (doc)