Undergraduate Student Sociological Collective


Description: Undergraduate Sociology club designed to bring together students who are interested in all things sociological.

Purpose: The Undergraduate Students Sociological Collective is an organization rooted in the Social Science discipline of Sociology. The Collective is comprised of students from different backgrounds and majors. They attend Sociology Conferences in order to obtain and share the latest information about research findings. The Collective strives to help inform the Kent State Community and Portage County about sociology and its contributions to solving social problems.

At meetings we discuss current events, community service opportunities, and program ideas. See notices on the first floor of Merrill Hall for day and time of meetings. Everyone is encouraged to check out the organization.

President – Cheyene Sims
Vice President – Sarah Ballard
Treasurer – Brynn Kendro
Media / Publicity – Richard Allen
Secretary – Ines Delpech

Want to become a member?

*Open to any major

*Open to any class standing

Contact: Cheyene Sims (President)

Meetings: Wednesday, 5:15-6:30pm, 107 Merrill Hall