How to find and register for Peace and Conflict Studies classes for 2019-20


In Fall 2017, the Center for Applied Conflict Management became the School of Peace and Conflict Studies.  Effective Fall 2018, the title of the major and minor changed from Applied Conflict Management to Peace and Conflict Studies.  And effective Fall 2019, the course prefix changes from CACM to PACS.


When searching for or registering for classes in the Schedule of Classes, select Peace and Conflict Studies from the drop-down course subject menu.  (You will no longer find Applied Conflict Management as a course subject option in the drop-down menu.)


Starting in Fall 2019, the course prefixes will be PACS instead of CACM.  Some of the course names will also change to reference Peace and Conflict Studies rather than Applied Conflict Management.  A chart is available (see link below) that shows the older CACM course numbers and the new PACS numbers and names.


We have a wonderful slate of classes scheduled for this coming year and our award-winning faculty look forward to working with you in those classes. 



Click to Download CACM to PACS Course Equivalencies Chart