School of Peace and Conflict Studies Accepting Applications for Visiting Researcher/Visiting Practitioner

School of Peace and Conflict Studies, Kent State University

Visiting Researcher/Visiting Practitioner Program: Call for Applications


The Visiting Researcher (VR)/Visiting Practitioner (VP) Program provides funding for an expert in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies to spend up to three months at the School of Peace and Conflict Studies (SPCS), to undertake research. The funding will support the costs of travel to Kent State as well as accommodation and subsistence whilst located at SPCS. During their time at SPCS the VR/VP will be expected to (i) undertake research that will lead to a publication or series of publications based on work undertaken whilst at SPCS and (ii) undertake a series of activities with SPCS students.

The VR/VP will normally stay at SPCS during the period from April through to June 2023, although other dates can be considered.



The School of Peace and Conflict Studies is an important part of Kent State’s institutional responses to the shootings of May 4, 1970, when Ohio National Guardsmen killed four and wounded nine Kent State students during a demonstration against the US wars in Vietnam and Cambodia. The School’s predecessor, the Center for Peaceful Change, was founded in 1971 as Kent State’s original living memorial to the killed students. As such, the School of Peace and Conflict Studies is dedicated to the peaceful resolution of deep-rooted social conflicts and the creation of a more just society. The creation of the School of Peace and Conflict Studies in August, 2017 denotes a strong Kent State commitment to growth in the area of peace and conflict studies (PCS). As part of this commitment, we are initiating a Visiting Researcher Program/Visiting Practitioner program aimed at promoting research in PCS.


Requirements of the Visiting Researcher/Visiting Practitioner


Whilst at SPCS the VR/VP will:


  1. Undertake a program of research and writing that will lead to a publication/publications, or some other agreed output, based on the research and activities undertaken at SPCS. In the case of published outputs, SPCS expects that the VR/VP completes and submits at least one publication (journal article, book chapter, etc.) within four months of completion of the fellowship. The publications resulting from the fellowship will be identified as outputs resulting from SPCS VR program of support.
  2. A program of activity (e.g., masterclass/expert seminar series/discussion group/reading group linked to the work of the visiting researcher and provided to SPCS students. The details of this activity should be outlined in the application
  3. A formal public lecture on the topic of their research


Funding for the Visiting Researcher/Visiting Practitioner


Funding for the VR/VP will include:


Up to a maximum of $1500 for return economy flights and travel insurance. Flights should be booked via Kent State University and reimbursement will be dependent on receipts.

Up to a maximum of $1000 dollars per month as a contribution to rental/accommodation costs (supported with receipts). This will be available for a maximum of 3 months, thus amounting to a maximum of $3,000 for three months. Where feasible, accommodation on campus will be provided and funded by SPCS.

A stipend of $500 per month, amounting to a maximum of $1,500 for three months.

A research allowance of $500 per month, amounting to a maximum of $1,500 for three months.

Total maximum funding available will therefore be: $7500.


Any additional expenses will need to be covered by the Visiting Researcher.


Application Process

We welcome applications from established academics or practitioners proposing to undertake research in the broad field of peace and conflict studies. The field of peace and conflict is multidisciplinary and as such we welcome applications from academics with a background in diverse disciplines including (but not limited to) Politics, International Relations, Diplomacy, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Anthropology, History, Art, Fashion, Photography, Literature, Education, Development Studies, Geography, Environmental Studies, and Law.


Applications that foster research collaboration with SPCS Faculty members are particularly welcomed, as are application from SPCS and KSU alumni. Applications that involve research on aspects of May 4th will also be welcome.


Applicants will be asked to submit the following:

1. A proposal (maximum five pages) detailing

  • Commencement and expiry date of proposed period of stay at SPCS
  • the planned program of research, timetable and outputs from the research.
  • An indication of how the planned research makes a contribution to knowledge on the question being investigated
  • Where the research involves collaboration with SPCS Faculty, the nature of this collaboration should be indicated in the application, along with a separate supporting statement from the relevant Faculty member
  • Planned activities with SPCS students
  • Proposed public lecture
  • Any additional ways the applicant proposes to add to the work and profile of SPCS
  • details of visa status (if applicable)

2. CV and contact details (established academics applying to SPCS must  have a PhD and a record of high quality research).

Deadline for applications: September 12th, 2022. All applications should be submitted to Dina Rathburn: drathbur@KENT.EDU


Further information about the School of Peace and Conflict Studies can be obtained at:

Any enquiries about the Visiting Researcher Program should be addressed to Professor Neil Cooper at:


A Faculty committee will be established to review the applications. The selection criteria will be based on: record of academic and/or professional work in the field of peace and conflict; quality and rigour of the proposal; potential to benefit the goals of the School in terms of research, teaching and other activities of the staff and student community.


Printable/downloadable instructions (PDF)

Printable/downloadable instructions (Word document)

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