Kent State University Great Place Initiative logoThe Kent State University Staff Council (KSU-SC) provides a platform for classified and unclassified staff to share ideas, information, and communicate on issues and topics that effect staff and the broader university community.  We represent the interest of classified and unclassified staff on all the KSU campuses by advocating on a variety of issues, proposing policy amendments, serving in an advisory role to the President of the University and the Board of Trustees, and facilitating other social and professional events. One of our cardinal roles is to augment the quality of work environment, promote understanding and a rich community spirit for all by facilitating open communications among campus constituencies as we strive to attain the University’s aspiration for excellence in higher education. 

  • 6/25/2020 Update. Due to the university's amended schedule as a result of COVID-19 all items related to Staff Council have been put on hold until further notice. Please check back this fall for further updates.