Frequently Asked Questions

How are employees selected to serve on Staff Council?

Serving on the staff council is open to all employees who meet specific qualifying criteria such as must be a full-time or continuing part-time employee must have served the University in professional capacity in the past two years at least, and received ‘Meets Expectations’ in their most recent performance review. Classified (unrepresented) and unclassified staff in supervisory roles are limited to a managerial level of 6 or lower.  Staff that are employed on temporary contractual basis are welcomed guests, but they cannot be members, hence, they have no voting rights.  

Review the KSU Staff Council Bylaws

How can I stay informed and engaged with Staff Council?
  • Attend our monthly meetings and/or read minutes.
  • Email us at, to share your suggestions, questions and concerns.
  • Attend our social and events on campus.
  • Nominate yourself and/or others to serve on the council.
What is the purpose of Staff Council?

The purpose of the Kent State University Staff Council is to propel the University in its journey to become one of the best place to work; to advocate for the best interests of staff members; to nurture a climate and environment of respect, kindness and fairness; and to help shape an evocative culture of collaboration broadening and strengthen communication lines to help staff participate in decision and policy making processes in our University. Our efforts in the Staff Council will be purposefully geared towards providing greater visibility for staff; engendering a more understanding and caring work environment; and a sense of community among staff, students, faculty, and senior administrators.

Why should I consider serving on the Staff Council?
  • Develop skills in organization, communication, and leadership.
  • Meet fellow staff from other campuses, offices and departments.
  • Learn more about issues affecting the University and its employees.
  • Speak up and speak out for yourself and your colleagues.
  • Help make Kent State University a better place to learn, live, and work.
What are the time commitments?
  • The council meets once a month for two hours, typically over lunch in a location, decided by the council leadership.
  • Every member is expected to serve on at least one committee or working group, requiring an average of an additional 1–2 hours monthly.
  • Serving as an officer (Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, Committee/Working Group Chair) requires an additional 2–4 hours monthly, on average.
  • We understand that some employees do or do not have the flexibility in their positions to attend additional meetings. We do not and cannot expect council members to attend additional meetings if doing so causes difficulty for them to perform their jobs.
  • A term 2 year with the term beginning on June 1 and ending on May 31. 
What does a typical Staff Council meeting agenda look like?
  • Call to order by council president. 
  • Reading of last minutes by secretary general and adoption.
  • Introduction.
  • Committee reports.  
  • New business (example; upcoming staff appreciation event,  upcoming open enrollments).
  • Adjournment. 
What is an example of an issue submitted to Staff Council?

An issue is a question, concern or proposal submitted by a staff or group of staff to Staff Council requesting a specific action, outcome or resolutions.  Staff Council will prudently examine the issue and channel it to the appropriate quarters in the upper administration. The Staff Council has no way of determining what the outcomes will be once an issue, or question or concern has been taken up to the administration but Staff Council will definitely advocate the staff position.