Establishing Staff Council

Staff Council is the result of several factors, including a request from President Beverly Warren to establish a staff council for university employees, the university’s “Great Place Initiative,” and the results of the 2016 Climate Study. 

Kent State University Great Place initiative logoThe establishment of a Staff Council aligns with the university’s strategic road map, ULI 2.3. or to "Implement a 'Great Place Initiative' that prioritizes attention to the diverse human element of the university.” It is intended to be congruent with initiatives being developed as a result of the 2016 Climate Study, particularly as it relates to communications between employees and managers/supervisors. 

KSU-SC provides classified and unclassified Kent State employees with opportunities to impact KSU workplace culture and support the goal of making Kent State University a great place to work. Employees' impact on their workplace can manifest itself in the following ways:

  1. Providing employees with additional opportunities to connect with the university’s mission, vision and Strategic Road Map.
  2. Providing employees with opportunities to gain knowledge and develop professional skills which can enhance their ability to contribute to the success of the university.
  3. Providing employees enhanced opportunities to innovate and collaborate to accomplish positive outcomes for the university and the university community.
  4. Acknowledging and recognizing our employees’ outstanding work and unique contributions.
  5. Creating an atmosphere of empowerment, developing leaders and creating a bridge between employees.

Learn more about Great Place Initiative Subcommittee for Staff Council