Regional Student Engagement

Kent State’s eight campuses touch over 60 miles from northern Ashtabula to southern East Liverpool and Salem ( Columbiana) counties of the this region of the state. All of our program collaborations and initiatives allow our regional campus students to work, and serve their local communities.

Our Outreach Plan


Visit, Listen and Learn


Establish consistent communication methods


Organize at least three programmatic initiatives


Develop an assessment platform for year two strategic planning

Our Programs and Initiatives

In working with the regional campuses, the following are suggested action initiatives. Additional initiatives can be developed per campus for a more specialized plan of approach:


  • Transition student reception (September)
  • Sprit Day Bookstore “pop ups” and Halloween program ( Burton and Twinsburg) (October & November)
  • KENTtalks stark edition ( November)
  • Collaborative programs Big Dream Gathering ( November ), Wellness forum (November and December)

Tentative programs for Spring semester

  • Academic Student org Summit ( March)
  • Men’s basketball reception and game ( February)
  • Collaborative programs: Alumni Day of Service ( April )


  • Best practice conversations (February and April)
  • FLASHperks - introduce proposal
  • USG –support in training and communication
  • Transition student work- CRM and developing assessment