Basic Needs Resources

Financial Empowerment Resources 

Having a strong financial foundation is vital to ensuring students’ academic. There are a variety of resources available to students both on and off-campus to support financial empowerment; several are listed below. The basic needs resources that students are able to utilize are as unique as each student. Students are encouraged to explore the resources listed below and can connect with a CARES Center Case Manager for collaborative support in navigating their unique combination of options.  

Food Security Resources

The CARES Center works to support food security for Kent State students. We work collaboratively with students and campus and community partners with the goal of connecting students' long-term sustainable food resources that meet their current needs. We assist students facing a range of difficulties from immediate emergency need to ongoing hardships accessing sustainable nutritious food.  

Stable Housing Resources

Having a safe and secure place to live is imperative to students' success.  However, there are many situations where a student's housing situation can change in a moment's notice. When a Kent State student faces a housing emergency, the CARES Center helps to identify emergency housing options as well as support in securing long-term sustainable housing on and off campus.

Mental Health Resources

The college transition process is truly an exciting time as each student is embarking on a new journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of their vocational dreams. However, this transition can also feel a bit overwhelming and can be a time when students experience a large amount of stress and feelings of anxiety. No matter how you may be feeling, the CARES Center Case Managers help students connect with mental health care on and off-campus.


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