Financial Empowerment Resources

Connecting Students with Financial Empowerment Resources 

Having a strong financial foundation is vital to ensuring students’ academic. There are a variety of resources available to students both on and off-campus to support financial empowerment; several are listed below. The basic needs resources that students are able to utilize is as unique as each student. Students are encouraged to explore the resources listed below and can connect with a CARES Center Case Manager for collaborative support in navigating their unique combination of options.  

Basic Needs Assistance Form

Emergency Basic Needs Financial Assistance with a CARES Center Case Manager

CARES Center Case Managers are here to work collaboratively with students as they connect with on and off-campus resources to alleviate their basic emergencies. 

Financial, Billing and Enrollment Center

Financial, Billing and Enrollment (FBE) Center is a key resource that supports students with Financial Aid, scholarships, and tuition billing and payment. They also provide financial wellness guidance through CashCourse. The “How to” videos provided cover a range of topics from applying for the FASFA to student refunds. Visit the FBE Center website to learn more. 

On-Campus Student Employment Opportunities

Several university departments offer student employment opportunities to students. The jobs on campus not only offer students a consistent income, but also professional and personal development opportunities due to their holistic approach to the employment experience. 

Students can use this link to apply for student positions on Handshake.

PNC Financial Empowerment

The Cares Center has partnered with PNC’s Community Development Banking to create workshops and educational material to support students' skill and knowledge development in the areas of budgeting, short-term and long-term financial planning, loans and interest, and much more.


Catholic Charities

Website: Use this link to find a Catholic Charities location in your county.
Location Information:

Consumer Credit Counseling

Consumer Credit Counseling can provide assistance to individuals seeking debt management support. Visit their website to learn more about the resources they provide.

GreenPath, Inc.

GreenPath Finaical Wellness works to help individuals secure financial wellness and achieve their financial goals. Visit their website to learn more about their Learning Lab, Worksheets, and Debt Calculator resources.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank provides a variety of services to Kent State students, faculty, and staff. Visit this website to learn more about their financial empowerment opportunities. 

Savvy Ladies

Savvy Ladies is a 501(c)(3) non-profit empowering women through financial knowledge.

Use this link to learn more about how Savvy Ladies can help you reach financial empowerment.