CARES Center Highlights


The CARES Center has provided basic need support to 1097 individual students from August 22 – May 5th and has connected students to over $141,000 in financial support. The Center has significantly grown its campus and community partnerships this academic year, which has resulted in more basic need support for students.​

Demographics of the 1,097 Students Supported 2022 – 2023​

  • 105 students served identified as all three,​ high financial need, first-generation, and underrepresented
  • 678 Undergraduate Students
  • 419 Graduate students
  • 671 Domestic students
  • 426 International Students
  • 200 students identified as both high financial need and first-generation
  • 294 First Generation
  • 354 High Financial Need students
  • 265 Underrepresented Students
  • 413 Out of State Students
  • Top undergrad majors that utilized the CARES Center
    • Psychology – 41students
    • Nursing – 37 students
    • Fashion Design – 34 students
  • Top graduate majors that utilized the CARES Center
    • Computer Science - 106 students
    • Business Analytics – 67 students
    • Public Health – 24 students
  • Academic Probation
    • 124 students who used services have either been on or are currently on academic probation.
  • Transferred to Kent State
    • 168 students who used CARES Center services transferred to Kent State.
  • Emergency Grant
    • 36% of students that received the grant transferred to the university.
  • Referrals
    • 94.35% of student respondents said they would refer a friend. 
  • Words that come to mind when students think about their experience with the CARES Center:
    • They make going to school much easier.
    • I am very grateful for their compassion and sensitivity and for the funds.
    • Very supportive and helpful.
    • Friendly, kind, and necessary.
    • Caring, helpful, and generous.
    • Fast, reachable, understanding, and grateful.
    • Helpful, caring, no judgment Caring and helpful. Life-saving.
    • Friendly, welcoming, and nonjudgmental.

Student Voice

  • “It felt so good to be able to share my story with you because you were so understanding and supportive all through the call! I really feel so blessed and happy.”
  • “Thank you all so much. I am constantly amazed by the kindness of this university. I love being here every day. Thank you and the entire CARES center staff for taking care of me in such a horrendous time in my life.”
  • “I couldn’t thank you and everyone involved enough. You guys have basically saved my life and well-being.”
  • “Thank you for all of the resources you have provided me!  I should be all set to start off the semester successfully.”
  • “Thank you so much for helping me out, it truly is appreciated. You were so helpful and easy to approach, and I would have reached out much sooner if I had known.”
  • "Thank you so much for everything!"
  • "I am very grateful for their compassion and sensitivity and for the funds."
  • "When I’ve been the staff is very welcoming and friendly and goes above and beyond to help and make sure there isn’t anything else they have that you need. The first time I went I felt bad taking anything and the guy who was helping me just kept loading items into my son's stroller."
  • "Always helpful, supportive, and kind."