Request Basic Needs Assistance

Connect with a CARES Center Case Manager

The CARES Center connects students experiencing basic needs challenges with  timely resources. Students can submit the Basic Needs Assistance form to receive one-on-one support from a Case Manager and learn more about available resources. 

Submit Basic Needs Assistance Form

What to Expect Once a Basic Needs Assistance Form has Been Submitted

Once a basic needs assistance form has been submitted by a student or on behalf of a student, a care coordination email will be sent from a CARES Center Case Manager to the student's Kent State email address. The email will include immediate resources available to students as well as a link to schedule a care coordination meeting with the case manager. During these meetings, case managers work to help students access the tools and resources needed to resolve their current situation. Case managers are here to walk alongside students respecting their sense of agency, empowerment, and dignity. 

What to Expect When Meeting with a CARES Center Case Manager

During the care coordination meeting with the case manager, the student will be asked a series of questions to help the case manager better understand their unique situation and what resources may be beneficial. The questions will cover areas such as living situation, employment, finances, and the people who are supporting you during your academic journey.