Partner with the CARES Center

The CARES Center team is excited to partner with members of the Kent State and local community in the work of supporting student success. There are several ways you can partner with the CARES Center. 

Utilize the CARE Center Services

  • Students can connect with Case Managers
  • Refer a student
  • Students can visit the Flashes’ Food Pantry
  • Attend a CARES Center Connections program

Make a Donation to the Flashes' Food Pantry

The Flashes' Food Pantry works to support Kent State students' access to nutritious food. The pantry is sustained completely by your generous donations. Help us keep our shelves stocked and supporting students by making a donation from our wishlist. Donations can be made in person or sent from our Amazon Wishlist. 

  • Canned chicken 
  • Canned tuna 
  • Pasta & sauce 
  • Cereal & shelf-stable milk 
  • Canned peas, corn, and carrots (No green beans please) 
  • Fruit cups 
  • Canned Fruit 
  • Popcorn (microwavable) 
  • Mac & Cheese cups 
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly 
  • Ramen 
  • Rice (dry, microwavable, boil bag) 
  • Cooking oil 
  • Canned beans 

Shop our Amazon Wishlist

Support the CARES Basic Needs Student Fund

Make a contribution to the  CARES Basic Needs Student Fund and support students’ access to emergency basic needs resources within our four pillars.

Provide Us with Feedback and Suggestions

We always want to hear feedback that will help inform our support of and collaboration with students. You can send us an email, connect with us on social media, give us a call, or stop by the Center. 

CARES Basic Needs Student Fund