Geauga Campus 322 kWdc Solar Array (Virtual)

The 322 kWdc Solar PV Array, ground, fixed-tilt mounting at Kent State Geauga consists of 816 panels covering 1.27 acres on Claridon-Troy Road right next to campus. Melink Solar completed installation in 2021. The system provides 67 percent of electricity on campus. As a complementary enhancement, native pollinator prairie flowers will be planted throughout the solar array in Fall 2021, yielding both a natural beauty and a refuge for native honeybees, butterflies and other pollinators that will help restore balance to the ecosystem. This area of native perennial plants has the potential to become a living laboratory for further environmental, biological and botanical study. With 81 prairie plant species available, they also offer sustainability benefits to help the solar system operate optimally. The deep roots of prairie plants promote absorption of rainwater and cool the ground, helping the solar panels to run more efficiently.

NOTE- This is a virtual site on the National Solar tour and is not staffed.



Geauga Campus Solar Array