Graduate Courses that Include Sustainability

AERN 55700 Aircraft Design Preliminary design of a fixed-wing aircraft for a specific mission: weight estimates; wing planform, airfoil and propulsion; selection airframe configuration and layout design; performance analysis; and overall systems integration.
BSCI 50170/70170 Stream Biology Identification, biology and ecology of stream-inhabiting organisms. Lecture two hours, laboratory three hours weekly.
BSCI 50195-009/70195-009  Urban Forestry Special topics in biology.
BSCI 50195-015  Urban Wildlife Special topics in biology.
BSCI 50368/70368 Wetland Ecology and Management  The course teaches biology of wetland  species, differences in abiotic  and biotic factors among the major types of wetlands, and current wetland policy and management techniques.
BSCI 50373 Population and Community Ecology Theory and experimental approaches to studying population and community ecology.
BSCI 50525/70525 Wildlife Resources Ecological parameters are discussed relative to the preservation and management of wild animal populations. Aesthetic, economic and environmental values are discussed.
CI 67095 Earth Systems Science Specialized offerings in response to emerging or selected program needs in curriculum design, development and implementation.
HPM 53004 Public Health Policy, Law, and Ethics Provides a comprehensive review of health policymaking, public health law and ethical principles as applied to public health decision making.
HPM 81000 Public Health Law and Regulation Enables participants to describe, apply, and explain key aspects and principles of law, regulation, and policy relating to public health issues and topics. Requires students to master the content material for the course, and apply it to particular (a) topics or issues relating public health. Students also are required to design and/or conduct a research project and explain their hypotheses, methods, findings and/or conclusions.
SPED 62951 Early Intervention in natural environments This seminar targets early childhood special education and intervention professionals that comprise the field of early intervention from practitioners to future leaders in the field. Recommended practice guidelines of the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) indicate that interventions should be embedded and distributed within and across the routines, activities and places that are part of the child’s daily experience. In keeping with DEC recommendations, this course will explore issues related to the various natural environments of the children in search of the routines, activities, and places that offer the maximum learning and practice opportunities that are family centered, developmentally and individually appropriate, culturally sensitive, and least intrusive. 
SPED 63892 Early Intervention Internship The Early Intervention Internship involves supervised observation and participation in an early intervention setting(s) for children ages birth to three with developmental delays and disabilities or supervised observation and participation in research and scholarly activities related to the development, delivery, and evaluation of early intervention services to children and their families. Students may be placed at a county board of developmental disabilities, center-, community-, or home-based early intervention program, a developmental center, childcare center, a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or other approved placement. The Early Intervention internship will provide students practical experience in an Early Intervention professional setting, one that allows students to develop and refine a variety of skills when working with infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families.
SRM 55024 Sport in Global Perspective Students critically analyze how sport relates to general features of globalization and the connection between global and local politics (including ethnic, religious, gender, environmental and sociospacial politics). The underlying assumption is that sport is part of a growing network of global interdependencies that bind human beings together.