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How much does Kent State University recycle?

We have access to monitor our recycling and trash volumes during RecycleMania in February in March. Our 2017 campus recycling rate (the amount recycled out of our trash + recycling waste streams) was 36%, double our recycling rate in 2012, and there are still opportunities to improve.  Kent State recycles 65,000 pounds of material per week and sends 117,000 pounds of material to the landfill. That amounts to about 2.1 pounds recycled and about 3.8 pounds of trash generated per person per week. The largest recyclable components still ending up in our trash bins are plastic #1-#7 (particularly plastic bottles) and paper.  

In 2017 during the 8 weeks of RecycleMania in February and March, Kent State University recycled OVER half a million pounds!