How much material is recycled in the U.S.?

2017 US Recycling Rate 25.01% US E.P.A.
2017 Ohio Recycling Rate (residential/commercial): 29.06% Ohio E.P.A.
2017 Kent State Recycling Rate 35.71% Kent State RecycleMania Results
*Recycling Rate is the percentage recycled out of the recycling and trash waste streams for municipal solid waste (residential/commercial). This does not include compost.

During 2017 RecycleMania Kent State generated less than a pound of waste per person per day (0.84 pounds) and of this 0.54 pounds of TRASH/person/day and 0.3 pounds of RECYCLING/person/day.

According to US EPA in 2017, 4.51 pounds of waste are generated per person per DAY and of this 1.13 pounds per person per day for recycling and 0.45 pounds per person per day for composting.