FASHION VISUALS CLASS PARTNERS WITH PORTAGE COUNTY CLOTHING CENTERThe winning garment from the Spring 2019 Fashion Visuals Fashion Show (front view)

Just days after The Fashion School’s Annual Fashion Show 2019 wrapped, students from the school’s fashion visuals class held their own show and presented their final designs on the runway during the Spring Fashion Visuals Fashion Show.


Each semester, students from the entry-level fashion design course, work tirelessly to construct their garments. This semester, the class (taught by fashion instructor Kathryn Simmons) partnered with the Phyllis Zumkehr Portage County Clothing Center in Ravenna, to deconstruct the donated gently-used clothing and transform them into new, fashionable designs. Many of the student groups included weaving, dyeing, quilting and laser cutting.


The winning garment from the Spring 2019 Fashion Visuals Fashion Show (back  view)The team, “Moonlight” made up of students Venice Boysko, Antonia Bruno and Stephanie Berhosky, took home top honors with their cape and jumpsuit combo. The students deconstructed multiple dresses and crafted a cape and sparkly white jumpsuit. The cape was hand-dyed purple in the Fashion School’s TechStyleLAB in order to create a cohesive color palette. The team noticed how the different fiber content of the dresses resulted in different colors from the dye. Each flower was hand-made and sewn on to the cape. The students wanted to create visual interest on the cape by placing varied fabric weights and colors.


About the Portage County Clothing Center

The Phyllis Zumkehr Portage County Clothing Center offers gently used clothing, household items and even appliances as available to families and individuals in need at absolutely no cost. They serve over 3,000 individuals and families every month. The center also has a focus on protecting the environment by keeping these nice items out of the garbage. 215 tons of clothing is diverted from landfills each year.


More photos from the event can be found on the Fashion School's Facebook page.


By: The Fashion School, College of the Arts

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