Kent State Earth Fest promotes sustainability; Kent Wired; April 10, 2019

By Makenna Brumbaugh, Kent Wired

Kent State University held its Earth Fest this afternoon with multiple booths from around Ohio talking about how to improve the environment.

Students and faculty were able to learn about different techniques including a water irrigation system that would use less than half the water to care for plants.

There have been many efforts in recent years in taking action towards improving the environment through organizations and individual action.

A group at Kent State called Motion Ocean is raising awareness to save wildlife and the planet.

Another group on the Kent State campus making a difference towards environmental change is the KSU Environmental Society.

Both of these groups any student can learn and join to make an environmental impact.

Simple ways to make an impact include:

1. Recycling

2. Using reusable bags, straws, utensils and water bottles

3. Being conscious of the waste you are using

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