Kent State to Keep Food Scraps Out of Landfills; WKSU; February 15, 2020


WKSU | By Joe Gunderman

Published February 15, 2020 at 7:01 AM EST

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Heather Dougherty and Grind2Energy storage tank

Joe Gunderman

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Melanie Knowles


Kent State University is adding a Grind2Energy system in the dining area of it's new Design Innovation Hub.  No food scraps pre- or post-consumer will go to a landfill, but rather will be ground and stored until it is trucked to a processing system that will turn those scraps into energy and soil enhancers.  We spoke with Kent State University's Sustainability Manager, Melanie Knowles, and Grind2Energy Business Development Lead, Heather Dougherty, about how the system works.  

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