RecycleMania at Kent State encourages students to participate; Kent Wired; March 1, 2019

Kent Wired Article
Halena Sepulveda
March 1, 2019

RecycleMania at Kent State encourages student to participate from on Vimeo.

Universities all across the country are participating in the annual Recycling Mania  as the competition finishes its fourth of eight weeks.

The competition aids to call attention to the importance of Recycling on a broader scale. 

Universities participate in the competition by recycling and trying to get rid of unnecessary waste. 

Melanie Knowles, Sustainability Manager at Kent State, says that this year is Kent’s 10th year partaking in the Recycling mania, and that Kent State Students seem to be happy to help make the environment more eco-friendly. 

As a part of the national competition, Kent State competes in a tournament with the University of Akron to see which school can eliminate more waste and recycle more materials such as plastic, paper, glass and aluminum. 

The winner of the tournament receives a trophy made completely out of recycled material and also gets bragging rights for the year of the tournament. 

Overall Recycling Mania is meant to get more college students to recycle and aware of the need to make the environment more eco friendly. 

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