Spotlight Athena Vohs

Q&A Athena Vohs; Major Geology; Minor: Palentology; Hometown: North Canton, OH

  • Secretary of Kent State Geological Society
  • Vice President of Geodes at Kent State Stark
  • Member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon
Athena Vohs
  • What is your area of research or interest? 
    I am extremely interested in vertebrate paleontology, specifically mammals. I want to examine fossil bears, mammoths, saber tooth cats, or small rodents and study what environmental factors may have led to their death. I would potentially like to link this to modern-day animals and see if there are any similarities.
  • What made you interested in pursuing this area?
    I have always had a love for earth sciences in general, but once I came to Kent State I was able to narrow it down to paleontology with the help of a few amazing professors! A lot of field trips I took for various classes also helped me realize that I want to work in the field as much as possible.
  • What career or path do you see yourself pursuing after graduation?
    After I graduate next summer, I’m planning on going to graduate school to earn a masters degree and eventually a PhD. After that, I want to stay in academia and do research for a university and do as much field work and traveling as possible!
  • What sparked your interest in sustainability in your personal life?
    My family have been big nature people for as long as I can remember. We usually went on weekend hikes and camped during the summer time. My mom taught me to be kind to the earth because it gives so much to us. As I grew older, I wanted to see what avenues I could explore to become more sustainable and reduce my carbon footprint.
  • How does sustainability manifest itself in what you do at KSU?
    The biggest step I took towards being more sustainable is buying an electric vehicle! I currently own a fully electric Chevy Bolt EV. It is an amazing commuter car that saves me so much money and eliminates the need for gas. I charge about twice a week on any of the four chargers around campus. Besides my car, I try to walk as much as possible, through rain, snow, or sunshine!
  • What is one of your favorite spots on campus and why?
    My favorite spot is the geology reading room in McGilvery Hall! It’s a private room for geology majors to come together and study, talk, hold events, and have fun. I’ve met some amazing people there and developed a lot of close friendships. Not to mention, there’s tons of great resources for all things earth science thanks to our professors!

Thank you Athena!

POSTED: Tuesday, May 2, 2023 12:21 PM
Updated: Wednesday, May 3, 2023 09:37 AM