Spotlight Kathryn Burns

Q&A with Kathryn Burns; Environmental Studies Major
Hometown: Lyndhurst, OH

  • Office of Sustainability Intern
  • President of the Future Environmental Professionals Club
  • Editor of the ENVS Student Newsletter
  • ESDRI Student Fellow
Kathryn Burns
  • What is your area of research or interest?
    Currently, I am interested in outdoor education, but I feel like my interests change frequently. There are many different topics about the environment that are invigorating and interesting to me. Some of my other interests are building sustainable food systems, accessibility in the outdoors, and becoming closer to living a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • What made you interested in pursuing this area?
    I first became interested in environmental sciences when I was in high school taking an environmental science course. I have always had an affinity toward animals so I feel like I was naturally drawn to these areas of interest. But pursuing I feel is a different story, I wanted to take action to help sustain our environment.
  • How do your studies or classes at Kent State support you in your sustainability endeavors?
    With the environmental studies program at Kent State, I have been exposed to many topics about sustainability that I did not know of before. Learning a little bit about everything has been fun and I have gained a lot of knowledge in this program.
  • What are your favorite accomplishments or projects you have worked on so far? 
    I am most proud of the ENVS Student Newsletter which has been an awesome team to be a part of. The ENVS Student Newsletter is a newsletter for the environmental studies students at Kent State to connect more deeply with the program. In the past, we have included internship spotlights, faculty spotlights, and alumni interviews. The newsletter has really evolved over the past few years and has become a great creative outlet for students. 
  • What type of work, research, or projects are you working on this year?
    This semester I am working at the Office of Sustainability for the third semester. I truly have loved working with the team and we are going to get some amazing work done! They truly inspire me to be passionate about sustainability and I hope I can share that same passion with others.
  • Can you tell us more about the research or student organizations you’re involved with? 
    The Future Environmental Professionals Club is a student organization open to any major who is interested in a career in the outdoors or pertains to sustainability. In the past there were many guest speakers who are working in the environmental field. This semester we are also planning on volunteer work, hiking, and other events!
  • What is one of your favorite spots on campus? And what makes it your favorite?
    My favorite spot would totally be the greenhouse. I love being surrounded by so many plants. It is a great place to reflect and decompress. I have been on a tour once and it was so cool to participate in!

Thank you Kathryn!

POSTED: Tuesday, May 2, 2023 12:24 PM
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