Plastic Bottles and Jugs

ONLY plastic BOTTLES and JUGS should be placed in recycling containers instead of previously accepted plastics labeled #1-#7. A “bottle” or “jug” is defined as a container with an opening or neck smaller than the body. Pro tip: keep caps on bottles and jugs.

All plastic OTHER THAN bottles and jugs should be placed in the trash including plastic bags, styrofoam, to go cups, and compostable plastic.

Bottles and Jugs Tips

To Go Cups Tips

Plastic Bag/Film Plastic Tips

Kent State University is a single stream campus, where all recyclables can be placed in the same recycling bin. Recycling is hauled to a Materials Recovery Facility where recyclables are sorted based on type, baled and then sold. Everyone’s actions minimizing waste, reusing, and recycling at Kent State University diverts nearly a million pounds of waste from landfills every year.