Spotlight Jeff Brewster

Q&A with Jeff Brewster; Supervisor Receiving and Distribution since 2003

  • Delivery Worker in 2001 & 2002, Becoming Supervisor in 2003
  • Was a Certified Arborist previously after leaving his family's sawmill business
  • Attended KSU in 1981 through 1983, Lived in Lake Hall and College Towers as a student and was greeted by the infamous F. U. Bob for the first time. 
Jeff Brewster
  • What sparked your interest in university operations and facilities? 

I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes and now I find it enjoyable to make things happen.

  • What sparked your interest in sustainability in both your professional and/or personal life? 

In my earlier years, I grew up with a "burn barrel" and it was my first memory of mankind not being a very good steward of our world and I was one of them every time I was directed to light it. When I came to our university, I quickly realized that we could do better with our waste stream.  

  • What is your favorite part of your position? 

Constantly being busy! I tell many that it seems like I drive to work each morning, I blink my eyes and then I realize I am already headed home.

  • What are your favorite accomplishments or projects you have worked on? 

Getting our residence halls ready for fall move in every summer. (I view them as 25 hotels) Somehow, we always get it done and it amazes me every year. Delivering our 20 yr awards to our fellow employees every year. Moving our department from UFM to ASB and setting up our warehousing system. Being part of a team that worked on a Lien Project to establish a more sustainable way of discarding the universities surplus assets. 

  • How does sustainability manifest itself in what you do at Kent State University? 

It is in every decision that we make. The looming question is constantly, "how can we keep this item out of a dumpster and repurpose it?"

  • What do you want people to know about Receiving and Distribution in University Facilities Management?

That we are a very small department that takes on a ton of work in each building on campus. Due to the huge workload we strive to complete our work requests as fast as possible in a "first come, first served" format. However, a student's work request always moves to the front of the live as they are the most important. 

  • What sustainability initiatives is Receiving and Distribution in University Facilities Management working on this year? 

Currently, we are keeping our GovDeals website sales of assets alive and well and also our Facebook page. We started our monthly Saturday morning sales to disperse items that did not sell on the internet and we are about to start our month long effort of increased electronics recycling through Campus Race to Zero Waste in which we were a previous winner. 

  • Can you tell us more about how you and/or is Receiving and Distribution in University Facilities Management is advancing sustainability? 

We are starting to sell our computer systems if they have value instead of recycling all of them. We are also starting a process of recycling our many miles of used wire which has scrap value and we are now selling old library books to keep them from being discarded.

  • Where is one of your favorite spots to visit on campus? And what makes it your favorite? 

Probably, the MAC Center. Other than the many sports events and commencements there, it is one of my first memories of Kent State. As a young teenager, I won tickets on a local radio station to see a new group called "America" in the early 70's. My poor mother had to take me as I was only 11 or 12 at the time. It was my first concert, and I will never forget it. 

  • What would people be surprised to learn or know? 

I have raced small outboard hydroplanes since I was 11 years old and after watching my father and uncle race, I followed in their footsteps. Since then, I have won six national championships and many regional awards. Last year was my 50th season of competition after traveling all over the U.S. and Canada. I am currently preparing for the upcoming season which will start in Jesup, GA in April. Last year was also the end of a ten-year reign as the Chairman of the Stock Outboard category for the American Power Boat Association which governs all boat racing in the United States. Also, last year at our national meeting in Orlando I was inducted into the Honor Squadron for the APBA. Which is our "Hall of Fame" and only two members are inducted each year from all our categories, so it was a huge honor for me. 

  • Anything else you’d like to add/tell think is important to mention? 

I am happily married to my junior high school sweetheart, Christine and between the two of us, we have six remarkable children. 


Thank you Jeff Brewster!
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