Spotlight Joeseph Ortiz

Q&A with Dr. Joseph D. Ortiz, Presidential Fellow and Professor, Department of Earth Sciences  

Dr. Joseph Ortiz
  • What is your area of research?
    I am a broadly trained Earth Scientist with expertise in climate change, environmental remote sensing, energy, and sustainability.
  • What sparked your interest in sustainability in both your professional and/or personal life?
    As a climatologist, I am concerned about the ongoing climate crisis, which is caused by human actions, like burning fossil fuels and land use change. It was that realization that made me take a more active role in educating folks about not only climate change, but what we can do to reduce emissions.
  • What is your favorite part of your position? 
    I really like talking to people to let them know what we can do now to help build a more sustainable future.
  • What is your looking forward to working on this year? 
    This Spring I will be teaching ESCI 4/50095 ST: Earth Energy Systems for the first time. This seminar will introduce students to how society uses energy from a systems perspective. Students will learn about renewable energy options to solve real world problems.
  • How does sustainability manifest itself in what you do at Kent State University? 
    I am a member of the Campus-wide Sustainability Committee and the Climate Action Planning Committee. I have been working with the Office of Sustainability to give lectures and organize events like the Solar Tour and EV shows to let folks know that we have viable options available now to reduce emissions effectively.
  • What do you want people to know about the Department of Earth Sciences? 
    Our small department setting lets you get hands on training with world renowned faculty. Our department is very broad in its scope and provides students with opportunities for fundamental and applied research to solve a variety of the thorniest problems that we face as a society from environmental issues to climate change and natural hazards.


Thank you Dr. Ortiz!
Department of Earth Sciences