Stark Campus 261 kW Solar Array 261 kWdc (Virtual)

Kent State University at Stark Campus: rooftop solar array, non-penetrating, ballasted is 261 kW size for all four roofs. There is also a 2.5kW research wind turbine. The solar array is featured on the Main Hall and also located on three more buildings. Kent State University at Stark Campus: Science and Nursing Building there is also rooftop domestic water heating solar thermal array, utilizing APRICUS evacuated tube solar collector headers, drain-back system. Two 264-gallon heavily insulated storage tanks, provides hot water for the majority of the year – even on cloudy and winter days is backed up by series of gas-fired NORTIZ brand tankless water heaters.

NOTE- This is a virtual site on the National Solar tour and is not staffed.



Stark Campus Solar Array