Kent State University Tax Status

Federal Tax Status

Kent State University is an instrumentality of the State of Ohio qualified for tax-exempt status under Section 115 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).  Kent State is not required to have a determination letter because Section 115 provides statutory exemption.   Section 115 also provides an exemption from filing IRS Form 990.  

Kent State is able to issue tax-exempt debt to fund various capital projects, including land and building improvements. 

Contributions to Kent State

A contribution to Kent State University is generally deductible as a charitable contribution under IRC 170.

Ohio Tax Status

Kent State University is exempt from Ohio's commercial activity tax.

Kent State University is exempt from Ohio real estate taxes.

Kent State University is exempt from sales tax on purchases but must collect and remit Ohio sales tax on sales made on a monthly basis.  More information on the sales tax can be found on the Sales Tax Page.