International Student Tax Resources

Sprintax Calculus is a system used by Kent State University to document compliance with the tax withholding and reporting rules.  A sprintax calculus account is not for preparing the personal income tax returns (See International Student Tax Packet for Personal Tax Return preparation)You would request an account if you had a scholarship or fellowship and you are considered a resident alien or have a tax treaty.  The account documents are then attached to the International Student Information Form that the department requests the international student complete. 

Sprintax Calculus will ask for information on Residency, Personal data, contact information, payments and then will provide a residency summary (Nonresident Alien or Resident Alien) and then will let you know if tax treaties are available for the payments you selected.  Finally, tax forms (W-8BEN, W-9, Sprintax Tax Summary, others) will be generated to either electronically sign or to print, sign and upload into the Document Exchange.  Directions are provided to complete the process once you arrive at the Tax Forms page.  Finally, you will upload your passport, visa, I-20/DS-2019 and I-94 in the document exchange. In order to electronically sign the forms, you will need to enable Sprintax Calculus Multi Factor Authentication(MFA).   This MFA is specific to Sprintax Calculus and is separate from the MFA related to Flashline.   Electronic signing is convenient but not required so if you have any problems with the MFA, then the easiest solution would be to print, sign and upload the documents to the Document Exchange.

If you receive scholarships, awards or other aid through your student account, you may receive a Calendar Year Form 1042-S in early March of the following year).  If the payment is reportable in Form 1042-S then you will receive an email when your Form 1042-S is available. 

Sprintax Calculus FAQ #1  I try to log into Sprintax Calculus but I receive an error message "authentication failed."  Please help.

Kent State University has to add you as a user in Sprintax Calculus even though you sign into Sprintax Calculus using your flashline credentials.  Either you do not already have an account or your account email address needs corrected.  Read the information above and if you do need to use Sprintax Calculus, see FAQ#2. 

Sprintax Calculus FAQ #2  How do I request a Sprintax Calculus Account?

To request a Sprintax Calculus account, please send an email with your Student ID, Last Name, First Name, email address and reason for requesting a Sprintax Calculus account (receiving a scholarship or wages that are eligible for a tax treaty or to determine your US tax residency to   Student needs to be added in Sprintax Calculus manually.   Please allow 3-5 business days to be added. You will receive an activation email from Sprintax Calculus once you are added.  If you received an email back from indicating you have been added but do not receive the activation email, please respond to the email from letting us know you did not receive the email.  We will double check and if necessary, correct your email address in Sprintax Calculus and let you know if that is the issue.

Sprintax Calculus FAQ #3 How do I log into the Kent State University Sprintax Calculus account?

Please copy to your web browser (Chrome preferred) and select “Kent State University.” If you see user name and password instead of “Kent State University”, then choose “Log In with your institution account” at the bottom of the page and then select “Kent State University.”  You will use your flashline credentials to access the site. 

Sprintax Calculus FAQ #4 I previously enabled Sprintax Calculus MFA to electronically sign but now I don't have the app set up or it will not work.  What do I do? 

You can send an email to and ask for your Sprintax Calculus MFA to be reset.  The reset requires a person to login, select your account, and reset MFA.  Since this requires human intervention, please allow 3-5 days for the reset.  Once it is reset, you will receive an email from Sprintax Calculus to confirm your identity and instructions on what to do next.

Alternatively, you can print, sign and upload the manually signed documents to the Document Exchange.