Eight Student Resources on Campus You Might Not Know About

If you find yourself expending too much time and energy this semester, Kent State has some lesser-known resources that are intentionally designed to save you both.

These eight resources are free for students and were specifically crafted for students.

Need help with an internship or job?

Schwartz Center

Professional Headshots are a great way to stand out to employers as you start considering career paths. Don’t stress about trying to find a photographer – Kent State’s Center for Career Exploration & Development (CED) offers complimentary headshots in room 261 of the Schwartz Center (above the Admissions office) for this exact reason. The Career Closet in the waiting room is another great way to borrow professional clothes for your headshot or interview! Schedule a headshot now for your LinkedIn profile or portfolio.

Career Advising

Career Advising Drop-ins are built for any quick questions about your resume or cover letter. CED offers in-person and virtual drop-in hours at various locations across campus to help you with career-related questions and concerns. A new drop-in session just for those students with disabilities is available. Check out the list of drop-ins that span all five days of the week at various morning, afternoon, and evening times.

Need help with Classes?

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center is a perfect opportunity to get one-on-one, individualized, class-specific help with a range of almost 100 classes in a variety of subjects. The ASC also hosts drop-ins for Architecture, Chemistry, Math, and Physics classes at various locations during various times every day except Saturday. You can go to the ASC to get an appointment at any point, but you can also check out these scheduled group drop-ins if you have any class under these categories.

Writing Commons

The Writing Commons is another convenient way to get individualized help with any writing assignment, ranging from College Credit Plus level work to graduate level work. On top of regular appointments you can schedule any time at the Writing Commons, these satellite locations are built for your convenience, especially if you live near the Honors College, Dunbar Hall or the Business Administration building.

Need help with a Conflict?

Student Ombuds

Student Ombuds are a useful, confidential resource for students looking to resolve a faculty, staff or any university-related concern without using legal assistance or just figuring it out by themselves. The ombudsmen are mediators for any grievance or appeal related to university policy and procedure, which includes conflict with a professor or advisor. You can find the Ombuds in the Student Center or schedule an appointment with them through the Requests & Authorizations tab in your Flashline.

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services (SLS) is the direction you can take if your issue escalates or requires immediate legal attention. Whether it be a landlord, criminal or civil matter, SLS represents all students at the main campus through quality guidance and advice for a variety of legal situations. Any case held through the Ravenna or Kent branch of Portage County Municipal Court is eligible for SLS. Visit the website at www.kent.edu/sls.

Wanting to get out and stay active?

Rock Wall Climbing

Rock Climbing Courses in the Student Rec Center are offered on Mondays and Tuesdays to Kent State students completely free of charge. On top of being able to access the wall itself at any point, students are also able to learn the basics of climbing with equipment, bouldering, top rope climbing and belaying with no prior experience. Check out one of these two-hours sessions and get your (indoor) mountaineering on!

Group X workout

Group X Classes are instructor-led group workouts entirely tailored to your needs. Remember, any full-time student automatically has a membership to the Student Recreation & Wellness Center, which includes these virtual or in-person exercise training sessions. Register for one of these Group X classes to get your personal training session!

Hopefully you can find some use in these hidden gems, if not, check out the official list of campus resources to see how Kent State can better serve you. If you’re looking to get involved, reaching out to the respective offices directly will always be the best way to get started.

POSTED: Thursday, November 17, 2022 09:38 AM
Updated: Friday, January 27, 2023 03:26 PM
Mateo Martin, Flash Communications