De-escalating Difficult Customer Interactions

This program is designed to assist anyone who interacts with customers either in-person or via telephone or email. Trying to maintain a “customer first” or “the customer is always right” attitude can be difficult when the customer is angry, unreasonable or deliberately attempting to escalate a negatively charged situation.

This program provides the tools for responding appropriately in emotionally charged situations to ultimately attain a calm conclusion in the conversation.

  • Determine the Real Issue Driving the Difficult Behavior
  • Avoid Antagonistic Tactics That Derail the Conversation and Increase Strong Emotion
  • Maintain Composure
  • Respond With Influential Listening
  • Utilize Calming Word Choice
  • Avoid Word Choice That Escalates Emotion
  • Say “No” Tactfully, yet Assertively
  • Practice Concluding a Difficult Conversation

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site or virtually for your employees and leaders.

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What our clients are saying about the facilitator...

“Well-organized and worthwhile, I think regardless of background or position this is worthwhile training if you have to deal with people at work”
John Blystone, Manager of Engineering & Maintenance
Great Lakes Brewing Company
"Deb does a great job of engaging her audience and brought the learning process to a level that we all could utilize”
JoDee Sullivan, Team Leader
Kurtz Bros., Inc.


Deborah Easton Deborah Easton

Kent State facilitator Deborah Easton has been a communications coach for 30 years, and provides audiences with practical and effective advice for communicating with colleagues, customers and direct reports. 

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