Dealing with Change in the Workplace

Change is indispensable to progress and progress comes only with change. Resistance to change prevents great new ideas from being created and impedes organizational growth. Most of us prefer to organize day-to-day activities in a predictable, routine manner. However, change – not stability – is the natural order of things in today’s business environment. Thus, organizations need to build in change, as well as stability, to facilitate innovation as well as efficiency.

  • Review and Define the "New Normal"
  • Discuss and Understand Why People Fear Change
  • Recall Why Flexibility is a Must
  • List the Three Major Change Management Models
  • Identify the Need for a Shift in Attitude Regarding Work Relationships
  • Smart Ways to Deal with Change

This four-hour program is targeted for all associates in an organization.

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

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Dr. K. Kay Potetz has been delivering professional and management development programs since the early 1980’s and has 25 years of management and administrative experience.

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