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Talent development programs may be taken individually to develop a particular competency or in combination with other programs to earn a certificate. Kent State's Center for Corporate and Professional Development can also work with you to tailor any program and deliver it onsite for your employee group.

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Quick Changeover

Quick Changeover is a five-step process aimed at reducing the changeover time in any process that requires the flexibility to adapt to changing customer demands. Read More About This Program

Proven Techniques for Captivating Listeners

Whether the participants will present to large or small groups within the organization, conduct training programs, lead information-sharing meetings or speak to audiences outside the organization, they will learn to dynamically present a well-prepared message. Participants will gain knowledge about new methods for presentation preparation and delivery. The facilitator will coach each participant in a live audience situation, maximizing the unique presentation style of each participant. Read More About This Program

Project Management Executive Overview

There is a noticeable trend among excellent organizations – they are moving toward a more project-oriented approach to managing their businesses. Project management has emerged as a proven methodology for increasing an organization’s success in new product development, enhancement of existing products, implementing organizational change and more. Because effective project management methodology involves everyone in the organization in some way, the ability of executives and senior managers to understand their roles and responsibilities in leading projects is critical. This overview session is designed specifically to help executives and senior managers understand and appreciate the value project management can bring in helping achieve business objectives and strategies. Participants will learn how project management can add consistency to the process of delivering quality products and solutions to customers on time, within budget and ahead of the competition date. Read More About This Program

Project Leadership

Optional Add-On Program Organizing and managing the day-to-day activities of a project can be challenging enough. However, successful project managers must also have the skills necessary to develop a high-performing team, make and implement effective decisions, and communicate with and influence stakeholders outside the core project team.  Read More About This Program

Professional Customer Service Communication Skills

What is your impact on both internal and external customers? Would they recommend you to others? Achieving individual and company goals, developing highly effective teams and securing a competitive advantage all depend on good customer service. Yet, customer service policies are only as effective as the people who implement them Read More About This Program