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GD&T is the common language of engineering drawings. In 1994, the Industry Standard underwent a major revision. This comprehensive program covers all the changes and provides the participant with a working knowledge of Mechanical Drawings. The program includes a text book entitled, GD&T Participant’s Guide, published by Excel Partnership and a GD&T Slide Rule.

  • GD&T Basic Principles
  • Advantages of GD&T Over Previous Drawing Methods
  • Datums and Target Datums
  • Basic Dimensions

This eight-hour program is targeted for engineering, quality and technical professionals.

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

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"The training facilitators are experienced, knowledgeable and thorough in the materials – and dedicated to providing you with a comfortable teaching method which is not only memorable but like no other I have ever experienced."

Chuck Miller, Operations/Manufacturing Manager,
Smithers Oasis North America